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Default Re: Did I cause a psychotic break?

He said he had delusions of being robbed, so that's what I first thought of, because in delusional disorder the primary symptom is having delusions (without thought disorder -- like you couldn't understand what he was saying, or if he yelled at imaginary people) Does he seem to manipulate you? You mentioned he abused you, so it's not unlikely he was using you for personal gain.

He may not have someone with CSE degree, but I think he pissed someone off who had it.
Do you know whether he visited a dark net site or had reckless behavior?

You do need to be afraid if you haven't done anything. Call the police and tell them he abused you, threatened to smoke pot, now is playing mind game etc. etc. (from what I could make out.) You shouldn't have been in relationship with him in first place.
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