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Default Did I cause a psychotic break?

I just recently left my verbally abusive partner. He has admitted to me that when his prior ex left him, he experienced persecutory delusions and that he thought people were trying to rob from him.

I left, and told him I was returning to taking my anxiety medication to treat my anxiety and depression and was tired of being verbally berated constantly.

Well, this morning I got some text messages from him basically stating that he needed pills too (he would mock me for them etc.). Then, I got a text saying that regarding him smoking pot to chill and relax.

I sent him the screen shots and he swears he never sent them. The next thing I know he is sending me a screen shot of a police detective's card saying he went to the police and they are sending his phone to the FBI. He tells me he believes he knew who did it, and that someone was reading the texts and interjecting in the conversation.

While I know hacking is possible, and my facebook had it's password recently changed I am wondering if me telling him about that caused him to lean towards this. He has had periods where he tells me I said things I never said, delusions of me cheating, and black out episodes where he will berate me and deny it ever happened.

I am a little concerned by this entire thing and not sure how to take it.
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