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Default What type of therapy for AVPD + STPD?

I've been told I have personality issues. Schema issues in particular.
I'm finding it incredibly hard getting an official diagnosis. The residential psychiatrist with my CMHT is very guarded about telling me anything concrete (which is causing me a lot of distress)
So far she's alluded to me having; Avoidant personality disorder + Schizotypal personality disorder.

Despite me being advised to receive long-term psychotherapy, this psychiatrist seems to want to recommend me for CAT. Which is a short-medium term therapy.

I was wandering if anyone with a similar diagnosis has found one treatment more beneficial than others?
I've had so much CBT for my anxiety disorders.. but CBT isn't designed to deal with the deep-rooted emotional/personality stuff.

DX: BDD, OCD, Health Anxiety,
Avoidant Personality Disorder, OCPD, Dependant PD.

RX: 10mg Diazepam daily

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