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Iv'e been being treated for a little over a year now. I'm currently taking anti depressants and it seemed to work for a while. I was eating correctly and my mood was greatly improved. Im done with all that now. Ive gained a whopping 15 pounds since iv'e started medication! People keep telling me that iv'e put on weight "but it looks good though". Please what does that even mean! Iv'e always had a fear of meeting new people because I know they will take one look and think I am disgusting. It's happening now. So i'm done with it! I feel awful and when I confronted my doctor all she said was that I am normal weight. Can they not see how I feel? How disgusting I feel? How my fears have come true? I can't even speak to people after not seeing them in a while because that's the first thing they comment on my weight. I'm finished. No more. What's the point in trying to be better? So I'm just going to get bigger and bigger? I just can't anymore.
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