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Default Dream of capzised ocean liner

I had a dream where I was on bosrd an small ocean liner with a casual friend and we were both working down in the very bottom of the ship below the waterline. Somehow a leak began and as we tried to fix it, a massive explosion occured, ripping an enormous gash below the waterline. We ran out onto the top deck as the ship quickly turned onto its right side. As we got outside to go up to the boat deck, water began crashing over the bow. We made it on the boat deck where most of the lifeboats were being filled and ready to launch. At that moment, the ship lurched violently onto its side, throwing everyone on deck and in the lifeboats that have not yet been launched, into the sea. As I came to the surface, I saw the ship had completely turned upside down.

The bow, which was originally underwater, was now sticking in the air as the ship sank stern first capzised. Then there was another explosion and the ship plunged to the bottom. Out of a thousand passengers, only about twenty sirvived. Only one lifeboat had been launched successfully while all the others were floating half submerged, capzised, and some sunk completely. I couldnít find the person I was with so I presumed she didnít make it. In all, it took two minutes for the ship to sink. Not sure what it could represent but it was a depressing dream for sure.
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