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My step cousin was
In learning support
At school and he has
Always been quiet.
But to me seemed content.
He rebelled for a while
Alcohol and dabbling.
But is now back home.
And we all feel relieved.
His mum is just happy
That he is safe and sound.

But his dad and my step dad
Are not as sympathetic.
He has barely been
Home for two weeks,
And he told his mum and dad
He is not ready to
Look for work yet.
So my step dad
Said to my Aunt
Who is all ready fragile:
Is he just going to be
A scrounging b^^tard
For all his life.
His dad offered him
A good apprenticeship
And he turned it down.
And I only know
The bare bones
So I cannot say exactly why.
I have had my troubles
And my step dad
Regards me as
Some sort of deviant
Who can't hold down a job.
But I am guessing
It boils down to lack
Of confidence and not
As my step dad put it:
Sheer bone idleness.
They could have
Given the lad a little time
To recover and settle in.

Everyone seems to
Have forgotten that
Aunty lost her first son
When he was two.
And that the fear
Of losing another
Must have been
Harder than some
Of us could imagine.
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