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Default Re: How to break free and change my way of thinking

Originally Posted by Skeezyks View Post
Well... gee... this sounds a lot like me... except that I'm an old man now! Were you, by any chance an only child? I was. And I've sometimes wondered if at least some of the problems I've had were tied to that. Anyway... I see this is your first post here on PC. So... welcome to PsychCentral, Crisco! I hope you find the time you spend here to be of benefit.

I'm not a mental health professional. So I could not offer you anything in the way of a diagnosis. (And mental health diagnosis is not something that we do here on PC anyways.) But, as I read your post, I also wondered if you have ever been evaluated for ADHD? Here are links to 3 articles, from PsychCentral's archives, on the subject of adult ADHD including a 3 minute screening quiz:

My best wishes to you...

Thanks for the reply! To be honest, ADHD is something I never considered because I don't really have a problem focusing and always did well in school. I'll have to look into those links just in case. To answer your question, I do have a younger brother who I'm not terribly close to but have no problems with either, a fairly typical sibling relationship I'd say.

Have you ever heard of the concept of fixed vs growth mindset? I think this theory is very interesting and definitely could explain part of my problem and perhaps part of yours too. I've attached a link that briefly explains it below. I think this in tandem with the fact that I was never given much responsibility growing up (my parents were the cool parents, practically no chores, very lax punishment and I think this is detrimental long term) has a lot to do with it.
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