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Default Re: Gender role and society

I think all societies have pre-defined gender roles which inform societal expectations of what it means to be male or female. One of the problems I experience is that I do not fit into the gender roles my society defines. This causes a lot of problems for me and it makes me feel terribly alone. I do not fit in with any one particular expectation. I am not very masculine, but neither am I overly feminine. I am gay, so I don't fit in with the hetero-normative aspects of society; but, I am not particularly interested in 'gay culture' so I really don't fit in there either. It doesn't help that I have a general fear of others. I suppose that is one of my shortcomings. Gender roles are difficult, especially for the people whom do not fit into one particular role or another. I am thankful I neither live in an eastern nor middle-eastern society where I would most likely be arrested or killed. Nonetheless, living in western society still has it difficulties for those whom do not fit into the little boxes society has created. There are reasons to fear others, even in western societies. At 32, I still haven't found where I belong, particularly as it pertains to gender normative behaviors.
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