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Default Ketamine infusion

I am a 46 -year old dude. New to this site. I have read many of the posts. I have suffered from unrelenting treatment-resistant depression for over 35 years. It started when I was about 11 and has not let up since. I have been on almost every anti-depressant out there. Tried many rounds of shock treatment and TMS. Nothing has worked. I know as you got older the depression takes on a life of it's own. It pretty much has destroyed my life. Feel like I'm drowning. I have looked into these new ketamine infusions and they seem to offer some realm of hope.Does anyone else out there know where one can access these things. I live in Las Vegas. I know they cost between $300 to $500 a session. I am on SSDI and can't afford it.Do any of these places take charity cases? I know that sounds pathetic but that is my status. I looked into clinical trials for ketamine,and I called a leading ketamine enthusiast named Dr.Carlos Zarate. Yet none of these places ever called me back. Thank You-Steve
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