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Tongue 27 years then the chemicals changed

I was seriously depressed and suicidal for 27 years. I am schizophrenic and bi-polar and have suffered from anxiety. The wrong medicine (can't know till you take it) can make things hell. The right medicine, heaven. Everyone has individual reactions but I would strongly encourage anyone with an overly suicidal mindset like I had try Lithium, you can get the orotate without prescription. I use the Carbonate not even a stray suicidal thought after years of considering suicide between 15 and 500 times a week. Better yet without a prescription my exhaustion from depression has lifted with the use of Maca Root. Adjust the dose down if you get anxietal and up to relieve the sadness, hopelessness more. I pray it works for you as well as it has for me. May you have an abundance of Health, Wealth and Happiness!
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