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Default a nice story for the littles

I came across this and wanted to share

(I'm actually taking the time to type this whole story out, that's dedication for you!)

the bird bear

once apon a time their lived a bear cub called isla.

every day, isla would listen to the birds and dream of becoming one herself. her sister would just laugh at isla, and tell her " bears can't be birds. "

well one day isla was out listening to the birds and she saw one fly.

" oh" she said, " I wish I could fly".

isla tried to fly, but obviously she couldn't- after all, she was a bear cub

" oh well," she thought, " perhaps I need to learn to be a bird in other ways first."

then she spotted a bird eating a worm.

" oh I can do that," said isla, and spotted a worm poking it's head out of the ground

she ate it in one gulp.

it tasted disgusting

" yuck. " she thought. " why do birds eat worms anyway?. someone needs to tell them about honey!".

next, she saw a bird who was singing high up in the tree

when isla tried to sing, all the animals ran away.

a rabbit poked her head out of a hole and snapped, " be quiet!.. my babies are asleep!."

" sorry," said isla. " I was trying to sing like a bird. "

" well it didn't work," said the rabbit.

isla sat down. she was feeling tired.

just then, she saw mummy bear collecting honey for tea.

" oh mummy," said isla. " why can't I be a bird?."

" because you are a bear cub," said mummy. " you look tired, have you had a busy day?"

" oh yes," said isla. " I've been trying to be a bird."

" come home with me," said mummy. " I will tell you all about the trees we will climb tomorrow to get the best honey their is."

isla snuggled up in her mummy's fur.

she thought being a bird would be good, but collecting honey with her mummy would be even better
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