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uh, I'm new here. Just signed up, actually. And, honestly, I don't know anywhere else to post this.

I've been mentally/emotionally abused for years now, on top of that, I've been bullied for over ten years now. I have trust issues, which is probably a reason I've never physically told anyone haha.

But the main reason I'm posting here is because of the mental/emotional abuse. It's breaking me. My parents just got in another argument, and my mom went yo her bedroom (the spare bedroom) that's across from mine, and I can heat her cussing my father out. I don't know what to do with this anymore. I've tried ignoring it. But k really can't. I hate this. I've even confronted her about this, many times, and she'll say she'll stop.

She never does.

I really ******* hate this, and, God, I want to run away.

But I can't.

Because that would ***** up my life.

Is there anyone out there that knows some tricks to ignore this? Because I've honestly had enough

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