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Default Re: Gender role and society

Good morning. Gender Free!! I feel free!

How's it hanging Dawg? You say you're ascending on your update, d'you want me to call an animal rescue? If it were a cat, that'd be a lovely story. Cat has many variety of cousins in the wild, wolves have different type of coolness, and the domestic dogs are all genetically modified, aren't they? Sometimes dogs walk like their owners do, they don't look free to me. There were three cats night strolling on the street last night, one of the leading one had this bell on its collar, I whistled at them, but they didn't care. They are all thinner than many other cats in the hood, and of course I can't tell which genders they belong to. There were also big cat fights at like 2,3 in the morning? I'm guessing those are male cats, playing their roles in the nature. Do they try to like, force intercourse on female cats? I may google it someday.

Please try to use your imagination Dog on a T as I said in the previous post, 'Making it Interesting', is a thread starter's job, isn't it? It's different to a chat topic like the one on the link in my first post, because the new term 'feminism imperative' was something people were already curious to know, the interesting factor has the pull or eye-catching effect in those words themselves. Just think of all the occupations in the world, some people think that the positions that doesn't reward back in monetary means could also be considered as jobs, and the certain positions are filled without equal ratio on gender, and there's our own sociological take on the statistical data, I'm just saying there are so many ways to go explore on this topic.

If you want a simple answer, I will refer you to Google, so are you ready to talk or what? Are you thinking like, there should be or there shouldn't be?? 'What it seems' and what you feel about it are real to you, and your honesty will always be appreciated on a forum like this. It's not like I trust every words that anybody says here more than I should, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of forum readers.

Is it OK to describe behavior as feminine or effiminate? @Quora

.....So if we are to compare these two and extrapolate to a larger trend, the word used to have a more literally and directly insulting meaning; it currently is more descriptive of behavior or mannerisms that some people, but not necessarily the author, consider to be derogatory.
This is rather random but I hope people will take a look at above link. Some of you may just go like, "Oh, the word is so derogatory, I would never use it!" and the female imperative instruct us that 'we prefer' gender neutral expressions, which is a bogus claim. People 'listen' to words they don't like and they freak out. Some people, yeah.

is there a shared role which it seems like it is where i live. What are your thoughts on this?
This says nothing meaningful. It's not explaining why it seems that way to you and I don't personally knows you. So if I said exactly the same thing word for word about UK, your expression and my expression weights about the same in my own assessment, objectively speaking, yes? In my own head though, I have direct access to my brain so, I know better and the raw thoughts holds much more information, and we all make a choice of what to say.

Quora is obviously on another level, here, you don't get to use people for your entertainment. This is my personal opinion of course...

Lemme continue some more. Women's March and #metoo, these are happening world wide. And as you said, Dog, some people like to know what other countries are like. So there's an intersectionality between relativism and the world wide point of view, which derives from biological and (cultural) anthropological(?) viewpoint, stuff like that. I hate people who thinks the human morality doesn't cross country borders, people like this are often hypocritical, but that's probably outside the scope of this chat topic.

Throw us a bone, Dog on a Tree.

And I don't have any treat for you, if I had it, I'd be eating it myself MadMax style, which means I'm poor. UK is a big country with big economy, at least you might wanna divide the countryside life style and the big city one, aka pompous culture, so what roles did you have in mind?

By the way, when I got on the main Google search page today, I got this video of Maya Angelou, today's her birthday. Her biological sex and her color of skin intersect. Kids learning her poem at school doesn't rationalize this over,,, overdoing of tyrannical oppression of 'equality everywhere'!! SLPC(Southern Poverty Law Center) in the state has been pushing a lot of sinister agendas, I confirmed it before I came here by watching like 5 seconds of Sam Harris, so what I'm saying to you, Dog, is that don't hold anything back. You will regret either choice A or choice B, it's the attitude and cajones that matters.

And yeah, don't be shy about the gender role of Islamic State!!. If you know anything about it with your own intuitions or experiences, please feel free to share with me.
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