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What is the feminine imperative? (self.TheBluePill)

You commented on the other thread that you didn't mind following the rules of the society, and that is a quite weak position in my opinion. I suppose people these days are more flexible? And the feminine imperative is a big threat in our society. I still haven't checked on the concerning issue of #metoo trend, but what I've been learning about recent feminism activities is that they are so smart and they have crept in to our moral/social fabric of our society, which I think definitely includes the expected gender role you'd like to talk on this thread.

The Red Pill side is more rational, I have a lot of reading waiting on this. I'm hoping to learn good stuff from the experts who know about the true nature of women. Where I live is not so different from the West, but I can tell you that the legal system probably haven't ruined by the feminine imperative too badly yet. This is for divorce (rape) cases and as for groping on a crowded train or something they call an upshot photos? I'm not quite sure about the name of the activity but my country has too many perverts in the society and young, middle-aged, mostly young, I guess, men like to take a picture of women's underwear at train station stairs or at an escalator.

And, all the mobile phones are sold with a camera with a shutter sound because of it. The feature is required by the manufacturer by the law? I'm not sure about the legal details but I'm sharing this story to explain how my country treats its citizens. We have regular pedophiles too I suppose, so I get to see these big signs around kids school notifying the public, "Perverts Alert!", this is not restricted to school areas, I'm guessing the police have something to do with this too? They get reports of a woman being followed or something else, I don't know what. But they put up sign wherever in quieter streets, I don't live in a big city but I see these things in half residential areas in my neighborhood.

Those streets are used by female commuters, many people work various shifts and it's not so different to UK probably. Women weren't allowed to take night shift till 10, 15 years ago, the government used to discriminate against women, now it's changing, yeah? For the worse, haha and ha.

We don't have that gate thing for cashier at a gas stations anywhere, it was quite a culture shock when I first saw it. It looked like the lady was behind the bar, and I've been living in my country for the most of my life, I'm forced to feel like being male in this society is pervertedly criminal. Ordinary people are so not educated about cultures outside of the country, the ethical cultural difference is just relative to them, which is quite annoying. There's similar exceptionalism like the one in the US, whatever they do, they think their ways are superior in the Asia and possibly in the world, I'm not kidding.

Criminal statics will probably tell us that most crimes are committed by men, BUT our police on national and local levels are all corrupt, they cook numbers and hold the suspect without the access to an attorney for quite a long time, you can go check the info on Amnesty International.

These are maybe not what you expected to hear on the subject but you were super vague in your first post. Society is hella bigger than you asked in just two of your sentences!

Narrow it down please. And please please put more effort in your writings. Which part of the society are you talking about? Why do you think there's this or that in this very topic 'Gender role and society'? I'm sorry to say this, but here's the truth. No one can write worse than you just did. I don't know your age, the major media outlets in your country shape their stories all the time, what's your source for your meaningless opinion?

If you have the energy to get online, I'm pretty sure you can elevate your posting 'habit'! Thanks for reading.
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