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It's been an endless cycle for 45 years for me....:-( I believe I binge to become numb and to make myself unattractive (fat) because relationships scare me. Ive been married three times and engaged another time and have a current boyfriend (who unfortunately places a huge amount of focus on women and their weight. When he met me I was 100 pounds. Not I am binging to have gained weight. He tells me "WE" need to start working out again,
"WE" need to start eating healthy.
I also eat to become numb because life (job, kids moved out etc) is sooooooo boring that I was to get out of the daily grind so I binge out and then have something to focus on to mix it up...... Sometimes the food I'm binging on gives me no satisfaction and I don't know why I keep doing it over and over again.
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