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Originally Posted by Steiger View Post
It helps not to become too preoccupied with the word evil. The concept as a whole as it relates to good on the other hand. It's better in my view if one is trying to self reflect and integrate, to isolate behaviors that are clearly found unacceptable by others and train yourself to express those behaviors covertly. Compartmentalization is the key here. It can be learned if not intrinsically known.
I understand compartmentalization. My question is one that I expect may sound foreign, even incomprehensible to you. But I definitely would like another perspective.

How do you avoid feeling like a bad person when you have impulses toward behavior that is found unacceptable by others and may even hurt them? For me, personally, I may not want to hurt the other person, even covertly. A matter of principle, or scruple. Or maybe, I'm talking about an internal conflict, because behaviorly I try to cut off, suppress, or deny the part of me that may want to hurt another. In the interest of conscious knowledge I no longer do that but the behavioral and emotional habits remain.

I have recently come out of my scruples somewhat and responded somewhat in kind, sometimes more directly, to my passive aggressive sister, once I identified her behavior as passive aggressive. A survival matter, as we inherited some property in common. If possible, it is better for me to continue to try to work toward common goals. And it seems she may have come to a similar assessment. Although she continues to delay and avoid and would let me do all the work, except when she wanted to voice an objection or criticism, if I would let her.

Probably, the main thing for someone like me, is to allow the selfish, survival, self-interest perspective and not depend solely on the social, religious definition of "good" and "bad".

Very hard for someone like me to do. But also, why it can be good sometimes to have perspectives from people who function differently.
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