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Default Step daughter issues

Hi, firstly sorry for any misspelling or any improper grammar misuse since English is not my native language. Looked for an answer on the internet and the only serious discussing place that i found something like what I am passing through is this one forum. Here is what i need help:
I have a stepdaughter which is turning 18 this year and we live together with my wife for 8 years +/-. We are not very close, firstly because her mother (my wife) never stimulated and I felt she (wife) wanted that i maintained some sort of distance on her education and second because I am an introverted person. But since last year she began walking from the bathroom to her room with only a towel... Well, since it was just from the bathroom to her room, never gave much thought into it. Always thought it was an age thing. But recently she began to walk around the house with a towel... I have to be sincere and tell it bothers me, because 1-she never have done it before, 2-She is not a kid anymore, and i noticed, for example, yesterday, I was at the living room trying to figure out an issue with my router, my internet company modem and everything that stopped working because my internet company is giving a really, really bad service. Anyway, here i was trying to figure it all out and she passes with the towel to the front of the house where there is nothing for her to look for with just a towel, specially because her room is in front of the bathroom, at the back of the living room and i noticed that she went to the front of the house, told my 4yo son that she would go right over with him and came back and I noticed she was glaring at me... I am confused by this behavior, does she want me to compliment her or something? Why? If I am not mistaken, she has a boyfriend for this... Her aunts always says she is a looker, her mother, everybody says, i never said because i think it's inappropriate and i am quite sure my wife wouldn't like the idea... And she and my wife have a great relationship...
Ps: she didn't go to my son in the end...
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