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Default Re: looking for diagnostic manuals that contain Poly Fragmented DID

Originally Posted by dlantern View Post
It just means some systems needed more than others to hide the traumatic past problem because more abusers, say several usually has mind control SRA features. Dr Richard Kluft has written some case studies google the name with poly fragmented DID...
Thank you dlantern but thats not what I am looking for. I am not looking for case studies or therapy models.

I am looking for a book that lists Poly Fragmented DID as a separate mental disorder, its diagnostic criteria, its diagnostic coding, its cultural information and much more.

things I am not looking for....tweets, facebook, blogs, case studies, ....

I know that the american diagnostic book (DSM 5) and the WHO / ICD all do not have this mental disorder listing I am looking for. Neither does the CCMD,
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