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Default Re: Divorcing a narcissist

Originally Posted by Tatyana2009 View Post
Thank you. We still live in the same house.
I m worried he will invent lies about me during the divorce

He will lie - get ready!
PREPARE so you dont get knocked over. Expect NO integrity. NONE!!

These ppl are VERY VERY SICK. I just replied to a post re narc before you.
The advice you got was good. look up grey stone, no contact
Have you got kids with this narc?

Have as little to do with him as possible, but plan when. He might retaliate (all a control issue - they are kids throwing temper tantrums when they dont get their way). Remember they have the right to do what they want!

I shared a quote with the person b4 you, & will share another one with you (same site but cannot post) "they lie better than you tell the truth"
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