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Default Re: Neurofeedback Therapy

i have done NFB and even have my own system that i use at home. i did my NFB in conjunction with my talk therapy (but my primary therapist was not the one administering the NFB).

similar to fille_folle i was struggling with severe dissociation that was hindering my progress in therapy, especially, the relationship with my then therapist (there were a lot of transference/counter transference issues going on between us that seemed to stall the therapy). the NFB helped to calm my emotional dysregulation and once that happened, i was able to focus on the therapy and my goals without constantly 'being stuck' in the emotional turmoil that the therapy/relationship seemed to always trigger. NFB was successful in helping to calm many of my core anxieties and fears. after doing NFB regularly for just over a year, i felt stable and secure enough to finally end an almost 6 year therapy relationship. i have been out of therapy for a year now and have no plans to return.

i was following Sebern Fishers protocols in her book :
Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma | Sebern Fisher

She trains many Ts in NFB, including the clinical T who i sought NFB from. i even had the opportunity to meet her when i attended a training session she offered at my clinical Ts practice. she definitely understands complex and developmental trauma better than anyone else i have ever met.
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