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Originally Posted by graystreet View Post
we had liked each other for a long time, are old enough to just stop ****ing around, and liked each other enough to just try and make it work if it were in any way possible. And, with my job, it was possible for me to go down there for a few months and get paid for it while we dated like normal people. It seemed like we were in agreement with this.
Originally Posted by graystreet View Post
I will say that I was just about out of the relationship a week prior to coming to TN, and he begged me to come. The day I got there, I realized I didn't want to be there, and told him so. He asked me to stay, even in a friendship capacity. I know there are a few things I said to him which brought him to the brink of tears, which he attempted to hide from me. We fought, it got really, really bad..
The bit that I cannot understand at the moment is how you went from wanting a relationship with him and wanting to move down there and 'do anything to make it work' and deciding before you got there that you were 'just about out of the relationship'
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