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Default Re: Are there other narcissists whom frequent the NPD section?

I have been here for quite some time now. I used to frequent this area much more often but due to inactivity and life I have not been here as I once once was. I am the writer formally known as "Sir Underground"!! Probably doesn't mean much to most here but some do know who I am. Finding this forum was very helpful for me. A place where I met like minded individuals, so much so that it was scary, helpful and made sense. The beginning of knowing what I was, was the most difficult time. A person who prides themselves on being top seeing that they were tarnished by a "disorder" was mind numbing. I do admit that I took many things and people as a joke (self entertainment is my strong suit) and in doing that did not help me much other than amuse myself. Bottom line is people here can help, if you ask the right questions you will get replies that will wow you. Having someone truly understand what you think, feel, see and so on is priceless. Welcome to all the new titles here and a big hello to my old friends as it has been a while. I am sorry to the ones I tried to be better than and look forward to my eternal change which is constantly evolving. Welcome back me.

All the best,
AKA Underground
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