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Default Re: Narcissists everywhere??!

Originally Posted by wordshaker View Post
I'm sure I'm not the first person to experience this.

1.5 years post 10 year marriage to extreme covert narcissist... I find myself suspecting narcissists everywhere. I don't think my suspicions can all be correct. I think I'm just quick to imagine I see them. It's sort of funny in a way, but it's still unsettling - both that I see them (because they scare me), and that I can't trust my judgment.
There are many men who are selfish, manipulative, etc., who would not be diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder but whose partners label them as narcissists. Your “extreme covert narcissist” probably would fail most (if not all) criteria for NPD.

‘Narcissist’ is a horrible term, a horrible disorder, that has gained topical favor (I believe) because use of the word concerning the other in a relationship (where else?) confers victimhood.

Exactly which traits do you believe are narcissistic? The answer to that question might go far in determining what you seem to be continuingly surrounded by ‘narcissists.’
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