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Default Re: Narcissists everywhere??!

Here Today, weird that you seem to be living both sides of the coin yourself. You're not inherently evil. You're not. I used to think I was also. At the age of like 6 or 7 I thought I was an agent of evil by birth. My pediatrician told my mom I was out of touch with reality.

Quote: "I’ve done that with my internal “evil” parts, too. Not so scared of them, there is a reason they are/were there. I think it’s all a part of a package – when I know my own evil and am not so scared by it"

I'm no professional, but I think knowing and understanding the parts of yourself you're coming to terms with is good. Seeing is good. There is nothing like exposing things to the light of day, no matter how horrible. Even because they're so horrible.

I have also felt I have different pieces of myself, though finally at 50 they are coming together in a more integrated way. I hope you will continue to see your selves, your personalities and accept them, one at a time. They each have a place. And I hope the security of that truth, that ultimate truth, might take some of the pressure off you and off those you effect and relate to.
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