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Default Re: BPD mixed with which knows what (please help)

Originally Posted by Atypical_Disaster View Post

Usually narcissists, even covert ones, don't seem unstable until you anger them.

This doesn't seem indicative of narcissism to me.

What do you mean by "too much"? That sounds like a pretty subjective statement.

Again this doesn't seem indicative of NPD to me. Misanthropy maybe, but that alone doesn't mean much in terms of personality disorders.

None of this seems out of the realm of BPD, honestly.

It seems to me that your need for labels is directly tied in to your need for validation, and that need is surrounding your identity as you astutely stated yourself; so perhaps think of focusing on how to meet your need for validation in a way that is healthy instead of latching onto labels? Labels at the end of the day are pretty empty. They won't provide you with what you actually need to be a healthy and whole person.

I heard most npd people have daydreams of admiration and are very worried about their appearance. And too much meaning long paragrapahs in text about my problems like 4/7 days of the week. They havenít complained of it but itís hobestly excessive. I think my usual uplifting humor is what prevents them from getting mad at me about it, Iím not a downer all the time.

True but I thought misanthropy would matter in this case because Iíve seen other NPDís pretty much hate everyone. Nvm then.

I figured that maybe it was BPD-ish because Iíve read that the two disorders can be extremely similar. Anyway I still plan on seeing that specialist to get the full Picture. Thanks though
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