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Default Re: Narcissists everywhere??!

There have been articles about narcissists everywhere over the last 10 years.

I think there is a lot of 1-finger-pointing-out, 3-fingers-pointing back going on.

The article-writers', finger-pointers' own (unconscious?) narcissism -- maybe not so much as to qualify them for NPD but still. . .they don't want to acknowledge their own stuff, and with all the finger-pointing, narcissist-blaming going on, it's just gotten worse.

I don't have NPD, by the way, but after a lifetime of therapy on-and-off a therapist told me 8 years ago that I was "narcississtically wounded and fragmented". I might have features of a covert narcissist, idk, I certainly try not to, and my more overt patterns were obsessive-compulsive about work, codependent and people-pleasing.

Lots of ways that "healthy narcissism" and the development of a healthy sense of self can get derailed by trauma and growing up in a family who don't have a healthy sense of self themselves.

In my experience, a lot of those folks end up as therapists, giving advice and writing articles for other "victims". It hasn't helped me much, and there is nothing that I have come across to help people who have NPD. Who are, after all, human beings like the rest of us whether they, and the article-writers, like to acknowledge that or not.
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