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Default Re: Help! More Grounding Increases Nightmares!

Originally Posted by Open Eyes View Post
So, am I to understand that you talk about your history in therapy which can get emotional and then between sessions you can't think about your history and instead you have to keep practicing touching things around you to keep you in the moment.

When you go to therapy can you talk about your history with your therapist? Do you have a part of you that can remember and talk about it?


Yes, you are correct. The goal is for me to be able to talk about and work through traumas while in my session, but contain all of the disturbance in between sessions by grounding myself and staying present.

As far as talking about my trauma history with my therapist, yes, we talk abut it. But it is always a crap shoot as to whether or not the internal traumatized parts will be present. Sometimes, it is just regular me, the adult part who does life.

Often, my therapist and I end up able to communicate with parts and begin to process some of the pain and memories they hold. But it takes time before parts feel safe enough to be there. It also takes time to process. So often times, I feel like just when we are getting somewhere in my session, it is time to stop. I think that's one reason why it's so hard to contain things between sessions. Once parts get going, I have to push them back in.

I can't afford to go to therapy twice a week though.

I used to email between sessions as a way to deal with intrusive thoughts, rumination, triggering, etc.,, between sessions, but that caused problems in therapy. It was just "too much." Also, if we try to do more than just a little bit in each session, it ends up feeling overwhelming for me.

So I understand why my t is having me contain between sessions. It just feels like I'm getting some kind of backlash for doing it. I'm wondering if my traumatized parts are rebelling against not being able to prompt, prod, and take over my thoughts during the day now.

I don't know what to do about this.
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