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Default Re: Surviving Anhedonia

Thanks SP.
Last time i talked to my doctor she suggested i try Latuda but it's not generic and would cost me about $1,180 a month. She thinks something newer like that would help with my negative symptoms but I'm not hopeful...

The vortioxetine is different, but it seems to work similarly to an SSRI and give sexual dyfunction. The flood of Serotonin to my brain when i was on SSRI's was too much to bear, i felt nothing. I don't think this will work for me...

I just googled when latuda will be generic and a result said in 2018 so that's good news. That's one med i woul actually try. Abilify im afraid will give me side effects i couldn't live with. I already have a lot of trouble falling asleep...

I wish i could find out what exactly is causing my anhedonia... Why i reacted to SSRI's the way i did.
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