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Default Re: Neurofeedback Therapy

I have! My longtime T actually got all trained up, got the equipment and everything in her quest to help me. We were running into a lot of trouble in sessions due to my severe dissociation. My T actually consulted with Sebern Fisher (she's a well-known neurofeedback expert) about my case We had to try a lot of different protocols and tweak different things, but I do think it helped me. We found that I received the best results lying on the couch with my eyes closed - so not watching the visuals, just hearing the audio feedback. The results weren't immediate or obvious to me during the treatment. However, post-neurofeedback, my disruptive symptoms had improved. The frequency that I dissociated into unresponsiveness decreased. I was more able to talk about traumatic things.

I can't be sure that it was the neurofeedback that achieved these results, as it might have been just the time spent resting in my T's calm presence. However, there were many times that my T would show me a number on the screen, and tell me she wanted me to try to decrease it. Almost immediately, the number would go down. That really showed me how I could affect my brain waves via training, so I think the premise behind neurofeedback is quite promising - I would like to see a lot more research done on it. I definitely found it more helpful than EMDR, which rarely seemed to do anything for me. Unfortunately, my longtime T told me she's pretty much done with neurofeedback recently. I don't know why. Maybe I should tell her next time I'm home that I find neurofeedback far superior to EMDR...

Just let me know if you have any specific questions and I'll do my best to answer them!
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