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Default Re: Second Hand Gifts

Iím not fond of my SO buying a second hand item for a Xmas gift when itís in the electronic area. Thereís no back up if thereís something wrong with it...& no box. And itís not like we canít afford it, but I feel he looks at everything as how can I get this cheap bec he hates to spend money.
This yr I had an extra seasonal job in the fall & the bit of money I made there I put almost all of it towards gifts. Gifts that they want...not necessarily need. It was empowering to me bec I donít have an income.

My kids know we buy a lot of things used & value that. Plus putting things in a box to give to goodwill or another such place, bec someone else might really want/need it.
I guess what I see, & I rarely watch tv, was the amount of commercialism on our screens that to have a ďwonderfulĒ Xmas you need to shop & buy & everything had to be picture perfect etc. It made me nauseous, but then I looked at my kids faces while they were watching it & were totally sucked into the hype. Hook, line & sinker. It was kind of disturbing actually.
The past 4 xmasís ive had a kid cry after it was done. Someone didnít get what they wanted. And it floored me! My SO had to take over & say, you donít always get what you want etc etc, but itís this idea of....them just not being satisfied after everything weíve done that makes me angry, wonder what am I really teaching them...& then my depression sets in.
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