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Default Risk Factors for Adult Attachment Disorders

I've thought a lot about my attachment problems and tried to figure out what factors led to me having such issues with it. I decided that in my case, there were too many factors combined that predisposed me to developing an attachment disorder as an adult:

Unplanned and premature birth to teenaged parents (birth was a prolonged, excruciating experience for my mom)

Born biologically highly sensitive (HSP)

Father with an attachment disorder & addictions

Hospitalized for pneumonia when I was 6 weeks old

Surgery as an infant (on the glands under my tongue)

Mom who worked full time, overtime, and took many business trips (very traumatic...bad separation anxiety)

Being a latchkey kid after school

Attaching to a male neighbor in a paternal way, and then being molested by him

Having to move away when I was 9, and my parents not letting me say goodbye to my favorite teacher

Betrayal by friends I was attached to (for example, in my teens, my friend slept with my boyfriend)

Moving 14 different times and going to 8 different schools (multiple instances of having to leave friends and beloved pets behind)

I'm sure there are more factors, but those are the ones that come to mind.

How about the rest of you who have problems with attachment, intense transference, or therapy addiction? What risk factors did you have as a child?
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