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Default Those Stories You Want to Tell

Maybe these things happened to you, maybe they happened to someone else.... Here's your chance to tell them.

I'll go first:
I remember a guy who was kinda awkward in jr. high, but he would speak his mind. Quietly, but with confidence. He wasn't perfect, and he sometimes got things wrong, and he knew it. But, the people around him thought it was funny to loudly ask him questions, and then berate his answers, no matter what those answer were, without even checking to see if he knew what he was talking about.

An example: Many states, including the state he lived in have a different style of plates for trucks than they do for cars. I don't know why it even came up, but one day, someone loudly asked this guy if he knew why some plates looked different than others. He replied, "Well, trucks have a different style". The respondent laughed and said, "That can't be true, because I saw an El Camino with a truck plate.." His response was, "In our state El Caminos are classified as trucks." More laughter.

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