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Originally Posted by L.P. View Post
Hi. I'm NiKKi. I wanted to tell you i hear you and i hope rantin helped a bit. i now it helps me sometimes to get it out so i hope it helped you to.

I wanted to say to how i understand what your sayin. i get like that to. im somethin called a age slider. what that means is sometimes i present like a little kid. i say im small then. i feel small then. i feel lots like what you were sayin, nervous, shy, fear, when im feelin small. I get real sad to and cry. Well i get like that when im bigger to but its diffrent is all. Everything is tons more rough when im small. Yeah. I relate. I dont do loud either. Blech. Raising voices make me wanna go i dont know how come people gotta be doin that.

I relate to to shuttin down when stuff is intense like that. Id been shuttin down n not talkin good neither if i was you. Sounds like you been having bad days for whats gotta feel like forever right now. I got autism to and part of shuttin down for me means im not gonna be able to talk after awhile. i wanna tell you how your doin good talkin here. i know typin is easier sometimes then sayin words but still its not easy to type n make words happen to when stuff is hard n you did did n you speakin up so i wanted to say good job for that.

I hope your feelin better today and im glad your friend was there for you when you was scared. He sounds like a nice person. I hope to you can find some nice things to do for you to help you out n get to feelin better soon.

Oh golly-
Thank you so much for this reply..! Your words made me so happy!
One thing that scared me however is that this is similar to my s/o... they sometimes have a point in time where they suddenly regress in age, forget certain words, act innocent and immature, etc.. they completely behave and think like a child..!
They hate it, and it's hard to handle sometimes.. I feel like me doing this is just like I'm copying or trying to ask for attention..
It's not as bad like them, but it has been a little hard to deal with when I feel alone..
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