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Frown Dandy..

So, similar problems to my last post have been happening. A lot.. like, I've been feeling similar to it since last Thursday or so??? Constant nervousness. Fear. Sudden shyness and anxiety. I feel like.. not myself? I question myself as I walk. I confirm my name and who I am. But sometimes it doesn't feel right or natural. I find myself saying "this isn't me. I'm not me. Something isn't right, I'm not right." Like I'm unsure? Even the person in the mirror seems unfamiliar sometimes.

The other night I suddenly started crying during a play and became deeply afraid that everyone was suddenly going to vanish or die or leave. My friend was there to comfort me as I clung to him. I've been afraid and desperate for attention and affection. My brain has been shutting down and I've even had a small stutter today. I'm not comprehending as well. Even the smallest raising of someone's voice or anger from my friends has me nervous and afraid.

I guess this is more of a rant, but yeah... sadly I won't be able to get any therapy any time soon so that's nice...
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