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Default Re: Wife's affair may spell doom for our 20-year marriage

Purple, she does think that she's hit on something with this meditation practice and that everyone can benefit from it. She's suggested it to me several times (for me to do) and I think she's been disappointed that I'm not interested. And based on some of the emails I read, she's been encouraging the other guy to fly out here and go do it too, so I think he has indicated more interest in it than I. Inviting him is a big red flag for me, isn't it?

So that's at least a part of this issue. You hear stories about couples in which one spouse gets saved and embraces Jesus and the other doesn't, or half of a couple turns to orthodox Judaism and their paths start to diverge. Doesn't really explain the affair though. As prefab suggested on the first page, I think the meditation is just an excuse and the goal is that she really wants to get her rocks off, and I just ain't doing it for her anymore.
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