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Default Do I work with a narcissist?

Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out what to do with a co-worker of mine. But I'm a little confused by narcissists. For one, I think my sister has narcissistic traits, but it's like she doesn't match everything.

Is it possible for narcissists to have friends? And like their friends? What do they act like at work?

There is a woman I work with who I think is a narcissist. She talks about herself 99% of the time and once in awhile will ask a question to you about it or something else. She is constantly causing drama with things in her life and at work. She has a disease that gets worse over time. I don't think she's making it up, but she talks about it all the time to everyone and says how hard her life is because of it and if someone says they are in pain or sick, she says "well I have MS" and she doesn't seem to think of others at all or very little. She has a boyfriend she moved in with, but all she does is ***** about him. They bought a house together and she's kind of using him and she even suggested that she is using him.

She has two kids, and she does seem like she loves her kids, but she talks about how when her son was a baby he cried all the time because he had stomach issues and she couldn't take it and would have bad thoughts. I know this can be normal of post partum, but I don't know. I really don't know her kids or what she acts like around them since I never saw it myself.

At work she bosses people around. She always tries to get her way and when she doesn't she gets annoyed.

I'm not sure what to do around her, because she likes me and always wants to work with me. But I don't want to get pulled into it if she's a narcissistic. She definitely lacks empathy, but she admits that she's not a good person when she says stuff that is unsympathetic and stuff. I guess, it's like CAN they be good people? Or are they terrible people all around?
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