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Default Re: Daily addiction check in #1

splitimage - if you are are back to abstaining it is just a slip IMO. Hang in there.

emgreen - I hear you about the social aspect. I don't get calls checking up on me. My wife and family know I was drinking/using and quit, but they never ask me about how it is going and if I am sticking to it. The closest they came to that is when I wanted something specific for dinner and was going to run out and get it and my wife expressed concern that I was going to get alcohol, so I asked one of the kids to come along just so she would know that was not the case. Kind of pissed me off that the only feedback I get is suspicion. I have started going to the RI meetings and there I don't report. Most of the positive feedback I get is here.

EDIT - oh yeah - hanging in - 2 months 2 weeks and some days

another edit - I should ask my t to ask me on each visit. that is almost every week.

yet another edit - I left my t a phone message asking her to make me check in. I have no reason to lie to her; if I were to slip I would want to talk about it.
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