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Default Re: Adderall and treatment resistant Depression

I have come off Adderall several times to curb the tolerance effect. It has not been a horrible ordeal. Maybe a nuisance, but nothing more intense for me. It does alleviate depressive and anxiety symptoms in me, along with the focus which is the reason I take it.

Now let's get real about something. For reference I have an earth science degree and nearly a psych degree. With that said, there are at least 50 new chemical compounds Introduced into the environment every year for the last, at least, 5 decades. All of these cannot be filtered by the environment as they are not naturally occurring and do make there way into the food chain, the air and the water. We are all consuming these and they are having any number of known and unknown effects. I say this because the old publicly comforting of genetics or environment is no longer viable as the knowledge know exists about epigenetics. This means that genes can and are being switched on and off through out our lives. They are switched as a result of what is happening around us, by exposure to chemicals, exposure to toxins, diet, etc... So, in short, there is essentially no way to know what effect any chemical is having on your body until you take it and try to observe in an unbiased ( and best of luck on this essentially impossible to obtain state) manner.

Tldr: take it and see.
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