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Default Re: Frustrated and resentful

Sometimes anxiety comes from putting up with a situation that you shouldn't put up with. I think you are mad at your boyfriend and mad at yourself for letting this situation get so far out of hand. It's totally unacceptable.

You are not responsible for taking care of his children or him either for that matter. He got injured at work? Well guess what? He has the responsibility to seek out financial assistance or find work that he can do with his injury. His kids are his responsibility not yours. You can humane and feed them. But you don't have to pay for their excursions and entertainant. Your injured boyfriend can spend quality time with them as a father for free and that doesn't have to drain your bank account in the process.

It's a waste of time to drop hints. Tell him flat out that this arrangement is not working and he has to step up and take responsibility for his life, his finances, and his children. Good luck to you

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