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Default Re: Can't sleep :(

Lack of sleep is very serious. It's possible to actually die from it. I think a lot of us are not getting adequate treatment for it.

I guess one problem is that sleeping pills come with a host of dangers that doctors don't want to risk. Plus, the federal and state governments discourage medicating people for sleep.

I've practiced every principal of sleep hygiene there is. A ton of magazine articles will tell you what those are. The sad reality is this: If you have a true, chronic sleep disorder, no amount of chamomile tea or warm baths, or anything else you care to mention is going to let you sleep and live normally.

In my case, over the course of a week, I get more than enough sleep. I just don't get it on a basis that allows for any semblence of having a regular daily routine. That has my life in chaos. It's miserable.
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