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Default Re: New to having a relationship, am I supposed to feel like this?

Hate to sound like the party pooper, but you can't have a relationship without actually knowing the person irl first.
Because the simple truth is, you don't know this person.
Who they say they are, how they behave online are only what they want to show you.
When you get to know someone irl you see it all even the bits they you wish you didn't.
Even Skype and face time can only give you enough to know if they are physically attracted too you.

A LDR happens when for whatever reason, your real life partner and you have to live a distance apart. Wether through college, work , military, prison.

I don't know what to call these online things...fantasies I suppose, since it's mostly projection and guess work.

I am not saying it couldn't work if you met. Or that it is an impossibility.

I think the reason your so apprehensive is because you know all this, and that some part of you knows this isn't real.

Maybe you should say you liked things better as they were, before the labels.
That your saying never you would just rather meet first before making that kind of step.?

Of course you might disagree with me entirely, and you know, that's fine too.

Just do whatever puts you most at ease.
All the best, and take care.
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