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Default Re: So I snooped and maybe she's lying about what I found

Originally Posted by TishaBuv View Post
Refusing to fess up to the truth is something I'd have a big issue with, too. Especially over something as trivial as a di*k pic on a train (from a woman over 50) that's even more strange. Extreme provocative dresser over 50... well, if you got it, flaunt it, but it's also a sign that she's a big flirt.
Well, it didn't start on the train train ride and it didn't end on the train ride and he eventually, she says, became a stalker. There's more to the story -- maybe even more picture swapping -- than she's said, and I don't blame her for not wanting to say more.

She's over fifty but does not look it at all. She's outrageously and uniquely gorgeous, so she dresses to take advantage of all that she has to offer. She's also had a so-called boob job and has always told me she got it to make herself happy with her looks and that it had nothing to do with attracting the stares and interest of men. She always get mad when I say, say, "Yeah, but ..." And she does put down Hollywood women who have had their breasts enhanced purely for the attention, in her eyes.

But then comes the hypocritical moment when she sends big-dic guy a photo of herself that is "certainly boobilus" and for a while, until she got too many PMs probably like the one from the 29 year old, she used a picture on the dating site that had her breasts bursting from their corset, literally. So she took it down, used another photo, then went back to the breasts bursting photo for a while, then took it down again. So, she used that pic twice that I can see to specifically attract the attention of men. Nothing wrong with that, except she doesn't own up to it, not one bit ever

So, yeah, she really is something else ..
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