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Default Re: So I snooped and maybe she's lying about what I found

[QUOTE=Misssy2;5771426]People don't generally snoop...UNLESS there is a reason to snoop. Like you said there was another reason you were doing this.

I will say THIS about her "story" know its off...I know it is off..I haven't read replies yet..but I'm sure everyone knows this is off.

Some do, some don't, not really, but to me it is without question

I just skimmed your post again really quickly...and the first thing I saw was...she said idiot...I'm on the train...SHE DIDNT SAY...No, you fool...I would never do that.

[I] When I read this, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I guess I was in denial about it. I'd seen that line, thought something was amiss but breezed by it. Turns out, it's the most important line in everything she wrote, and as you say below, you don't need to read anymore to know she's tells lies.[/I]

The details you don't need to know enough...she is lying..and might be the one who started the post why can't I just date one man? There are women like that...I have felt like that in my lifetime.

Its very HARD to walk away someone you love, once loved or even just care about..VERY HARD.

This so true. I know she's a liar and we're on a four day mini vacation and having just the best time. She's so great in so many ways and accepts and loves me just as i am (which is, btw, pretty ****ed up) but the lying business I just can't live with. No matter how great she is for me in so many ways, no matter how much I love her, no matter how much she loves me, if I can't trust her, then that's that. Right now, we're doing a long distance relationship and meeting once every month or two. That's hard enough without trust being a issue, because she leads a life (musician in a band, an outrageous provocative dresser, flashy as they come) that is super conducive to temptations of all kinds.

Thanks for singling that line out. I think.

People make mistakes..but what is good for a relationship is owning up to them...expecially when caught.

She will not own up. She has a problem with appearing guilty of anything much less this kind of mess. She has a driven need to appear innocent, no matter what. She's done this kind of thing once before. Fool me once ...

I don't know how old you are. I am 53. I left someone a day or 2 ago (don't remember its very painful) after 3-4 yrs, because once again I was lied to...again..

We are both older than you are. I suspect that she thinks I'm the One for her, the one who will take care of her the rest of her life and there shall be no other. I feel close to that, too, but not so strongly, if only because there are other things about her that are not good for me.

If you love and care about this woman and want it to work really bad...sit her down..tell her gently you know she is lying and she can feel safe to tell you the truth and that you won't flip out or attack her (if that is TRUE). Give her one more chance to tell the truth.

If she doesn't...tell the truth (the story will make sense if she is honest)...there will me no hesitation...there will be tears..there will be trust in you enough to open up to you....

Even if she tells the truth, I don't know if I'll be able to get over it.
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