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Default Re: So I snooped and maybe she's lying about what I found

She sounds like she was having fun flirting with an internet stranger, he sent her a d*ck pic. Maybe he was Anthony Weiner, lol! She was having fun and being silly. Then she took it farther with the photo of her, still just flirting and having fun. The end of the story was he ended up a "stalker".

It does sound like she's backtracking and making the whole thing sound more innocent than it was. Eh, that's what people do when they are embarrassed and get caught.

Was what she did so bad? This was before you, she was single, being silly, got herself a 'stalker', not using very good judgment.

The fact that some guy sent a d*ck pic while she was flirting is so meaningless. Is that what you are mostly upset about? That's so trivial.

But the fact that she got herself into a situation with a stalker is concerning. Does she have good judgment?

You should be more supportive to her from this situation, if you truly love her. Does she still fear this guy? Is he a threat? What happened to her?

You shouldn't have snooped. You are no prize, either, being a snoop who she can't trust. You both did risky things.

But since you did find out about this stalker. I think you should discuss that with care and understanding. That will form a closer bond between you and strengthen your relationship.
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