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Default Re: So I snooped and maybe she's lying about what I found

Just think how much happier you would have been if you hadn't gone snooping in the first place.
If you had suspicions you ask!!
Then you either believe it! And never mention it again.
Or you decide she is lying and you walk!

You don't get to to use it as a shytty stick to beat her with over your own insecurities.
Which you obviously have, otherwise you wouldn't be going through her stuff.
You should be looking at yourself a little harder and at her past personal business a little less, which technically has absolutely nothing to do with you. Nor does the reason she did it.
It's actually non of your concern.

If I was her you'd be dropped like a hot rock, so I would consider yourself lucky and move e on.
But then that just my opinion.
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