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Default Re: Stopping overthinking and self sabotage

Wow. You have such good insight that you need to learn to care for yourself and create a life that works for you. That alone is amazing! And that you were willing to accept a job with less responsibility without beating yourself up, knew it was a good move for you ... that takes a lot of courage :-)

As for knowing how to enjoy life? Maybe giving yourself permission to really enjoy those hobbies you like is a good start. Following your own 'star' is the only thing in life that really works but you do have to be willing to let go of what others are thinking of you and for most of us, that is the hardest part. My ego screams louder than my authentic self (!) so I have to be vigilant to tune it out and go on with what is right for me.

You are on an brave and exciting journey. Keep up the good work
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