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Default Re: I feel like I have Autism or Aspergers.

Asperger's is just grouped in with autism as a diagnosis now, I'm pretty sure. When Asperger's was split into a different diagnosis, though, the main difference was supposed to be communication and milestones hit at a very young age... I think something like, if the person could talk normally for the most part at 3, it would be considered Asperger's instead of autism. And then communication issues and some other symptoms could tend to be milder, I guess.

If you don't want a professional diagnosis, you could always try some of the more "official" tests online, which still obviously can't diagnose you but are somewhat reliable. The autism spectrum quotient is the one that I remember. Also, assuming you're female (by your username), you might want to look up Tania Marshall's list of autistic traits in women, and read experiences online from autistic women specifically. Both of those things have been really helpful for me.

(I'm not officially diagnosed but I'm currently in the process and 99% sure.)
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