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Default Re: picking at skin

Any healing is progress, as far as I'm concerned.

Asking for help from your doctor is a big step. It was very hard to tell my doctor that I pick and will probably need help for infections. She was very nice about it though.

I pick at my scalp, neck, and upper back. My scalp is my main target zone, and it gets pretty torn up. Then I end up with little bald spots even after the skin has healed. Going to the hairdresser is the absolute worst. I try so hard during the week before so I won't have any open sores, but I usually fail, and a few times she has said something about them like "oh, did you bump your head?" She must think I bump my head all the time. It's mortifying, but I tough it out because I don't want this disease to stop me from doing something as basic as getting haircuts. Living with it every day is hard enough, I don't want to let it take anything away from my life.
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