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Default Re: It has been ___ days since I SIed -- Part V!

Originally Posted by emptynightmare View Post
My roommate says she wants to get high to get through the days. I said I understand. But I couldn't say anything further. Every night and morning and afternoon I think about self harming. Just to feel better, or to stop everything. I need to be wounded. I am so done with life. If I don't find a new opportunity, what's the point?

I am a failure. And success is never enough.
For me, addiction and self harm are very much the same thing. Both change how I feel, the current state in my brain. I am very much where you are... I wonder tho, instead of "finding" a new opportunity, what about "creating" one? We are truly the only ones who will fight for us... no one else can really be depended on completely... the point, for me, is to show myself that I am NOT a failure and that I am worth fighting for.

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