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Default Re: Narcissist with Happy Friends?

I agree 100% with AD. In my case I think I hide my narcissistic tendencies very well from others, it drove my wife crazy. Everyone thinks I'm such a nice guy yet I am so mean to her. It is because the relationships are different, you are her main source of support for giving her what she needs, what she is missing and instead of working to get it has stolen from you. If her friends upset her it may be easier for her to let it go than to push it. This can be justified away in her mind. It's always about getting what we want and protecting our ego. With friends who I don't see on a daily basis, especially if the events are planned and organized ahead, it is easy for things to go very smooth and for everyone to have a great time and think I am the nicest guy ever. It's a fake representation of myself.
We are very good at reading people and manipulating them. I am often surprised that people don't pick up on my manipulation but they rarely do.
My wife got to the point where she didn't want her friends to meet me. She said I would always try to take over her friends (I did, it's always about me, it's so awkward unless it is), and then make her friends hate her. She said it felt like a competition where I had to have her friends like me more than her. She was right. Well I've done it again, turned this into another opportunity to talk about myself lol.
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